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Category — Desert

Thar Desert Hut Homestay

  • Location: Thar Desert, 2 hours from Jodhpur
  • Type: Homestay
  • Price: From £42 per night
  • Bedroom: Two desert huts

This is something very special.  Accessible only by a 45 minute camel ride is this wonderfully simple mud hut home far out into the Thar Desert.

Aprajeeta & Sandeep’s Homestay in Jaipur

  • Aprajeeta & Sandeep's HomeLocation: Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Type: Homestay
  • Price: From £29 per night per room
  • Bedrooms: 4 Double rooms

Passionate enthusiasts, Aprajeeta and Sandeep will gladly take you with them to cricket or polo matches.

They belong to the noble Rajput families of Raath and Malwa, dating back their family histories to Mughal times.