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Chandra & Bhavna’s Guest House

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Chandra & Bhavna are such a charming couple and it is a real pleasure to be a guest in their home.

Although they now have quite a few rooms they are still involved and make sure that each guest receives their hospitality.

The family is connected by birth and friendship to the Maharaja of Jodhpur and you will find the Singh’s company delightful.

Here you can take an aperitif before dinner and read in the family lounge or on one of the many terraces.

And the food is the very best, you won’t find better in a restaurant.

If you like good authentic Rajasthani food ask for Lal Maas. It’s a powerful expression of Rajasthan and you will remember it for a long time – only for the curry enthusiast!


Accommodation Offered:

  • 6 standard, double en suite rooms
  • 5 basic, double en suite rooms
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