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Not often that a story can be both terrifying and heart-warming


And elephant in a Bengal village pulled down a house, but then when it heard the cries of a baby it suddenly went to its rescue.




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Celebrating the triumph of good over evil, today was the colourful festival of Holi:


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Karen Knorr’s ‘India Song’


Waiting for Atman, Junagarh Fort, Bikaner


Karen Knorr’s series ‘India Song’

“It celebrates the rich visual culture, the foundation myths and stories of northern India, focusing on Rajasthan and using sacred and secular sites to consider caste, femininity and its relationship to the animal world…

Cranes, zebus, langurs, tigers and elephants mutate from princely pets to avatars of past feminine historic characters, blurring boundaries between reality and illusion and reinventing the Panchatantra for the 21st century”



The Queen’s Room, Zenana, Udaipur



The Survivors, Deogarh Palace, Deogarh


To view more of her work, visit her website:


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The Very Varied Fresh Food of India 1